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Explore Oahu’s Best Asian Restaurants during Happy Hour

Oahu is not just a tropical paradise; it’s got a killer food scene too. It’s a culinary haven for those who appreciate the rich tapestry of Asian flavors. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine and looking to tantalize your taste buds without breaking the bank, Oahu’s vibrant food scene offers a diverse happy hour options. From sushi dreams to Thai delights, here’s a guide to some of the top happy hours on the island for Asian flavors.

  • Doraku Sushi:

With two location in the heart of Waikiki and the heart of Kakaako, Doraku Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that boasts a lively happy hour scene. With discounted prices on a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and appetizers, this spot is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The trendy ambiance creates the perfect backdrop for indulging in fresh and flavorful Asian dishes.

  • Noi Thai Cuisine:

Located inside Royal Hawaiian Center in the middle of Waikiki, Noi Thai Cuisine offers an elegant setting. During their happy hour, you can enjoy Thai-inspired dishes like Thai spring rolls and satay at reduced prices. Pair these delectable bites with tropical cocktails for a true taste of paradise.

  • 1938 Indochine:

Step into the historic charm of 1938 Indochine, where their happy hour transcends time. This venue offers a unique blend of Vietnamese and Southeast asian dishes. The nostalgic ambiance combined with bold flavors creates a memorable happy hour experience.


  • Banzai Sushi:

For sushi enthusiasts, Banzai Sushi is a haven of creativity and freshness. Located in Haleiwa, their happy hour features an array of sushi rolls and small plates at pocket-friendly prices. Dive into the vibrant world of Banzai Sushi and experience the artistry of Japanese culinary craftsmanship.

  • Robata Jinya:

Indulge in the art of Japanese robatayaki at Robata Jinya’s happy hour. Located in a bustling area, this spot offers grilled skewers and small plates that showcase the nuanced flavors of authentic robata cuisine. The cozy atmosphere and enticing aroma of grilled delights make it a favorite among locals.

  • LBD 

For those seeking a fusion of Asian flavors with a modern twist, LBD offers a stylish happy hour experience. This trendy spot combines pan-Asian influences, serving up small plates and craft cocktails in a chic atmosphere. Elevate your happy hour with a touch of sophistication at LBD.

Oahu’s culinary landscape is a melting pot of diverse Asian influences, and its happy hour scene reflects this rich tapestry of flavors. From the traditional to the innovative, these top happy hours on the island promise a gastronomic adventure that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. So, gather your friends, explore these culinary gems, and immerse yourself in the diverse and delectable world of Asian cuisine on Oahu.

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